World Congress Minutes 2013

Sunday June 9, 2013

Meeting commenced 10:45am
Amerikazaal, Congrescentrum De Werelt, Westhofflaan 2 6741 KH Lunteren, The Netherlands

40 people were present at the ISA Membership meeting.  For voting purposes, the following people represented their associations;

Name Country Association
Anita Blom Sweden Stamningsförbundet / Swedish Stuttering Association
Keith Boss UK BSA
Hermann Christmann Denmark Stammeforeningen i Danmark (FSD)
Anja Herde Germany Bundesvereinigung Stottern & Selbsthilfe e.V.
Arne Hope Norway Norsk interesseforening for stamme
Mark Irwin Australia Australian Speak Easy Association
Suzana Jelcic Jaksic Croatia Croatian association for People Who stutter “Hinko   Freund”
Sanjay Kumar Jha Nepal Nepal Stutters’ Association (NSA)
John Kagie The Netherlands Nederlandse stottervereniging Demosthenes
Masuhiko Kawasaki Japan Japan Stuttering Project
Erik Lamens Belgium BSV Belgische Stottervereniging (Belgian Stutttering   Association)
Michael Sugarman USA International Stuttering Association
Camara Zan Mali Association Vaincre le Bégaiement (AVB-Mali)

The following gives an indication of nations represented at the meeting;

Australia 4 Indonesia 1 The Netherlands 6
Belgium 1 Japan 4 Sweden 1
Croatia 2 Mali 1 UK 3
Denmark 1 Nepal 1 USA 4
Germany 8 Norway 1 Unknown 2

Only one of these attendees produced written evidence of the support of their association for voting purposes. The other attendees were either known to the ISA Chair / Vice Chair or had sent on written information before the meeting.

The meeting was called to order by ISA Chair Michael Sugarman and the agenda was outlined.

Keith Boss moved to accept the minutes from Buenos Aires.  Motion carried.  The minutes are available on the ISA website here.

Hermann Christmann gave the Treasurer’s Report of the ISA for 2011, 2012 and an estimate for 2013.  These reports are available at the following link ISA_STATEMENTS_2013.

Specific notes for each year of financial statements;

  • 2011 included scholarships to Buenos Aires for 10 people
  • 2012 question was raised about reduces membership fees.  This was attributed to some fees from member associations that have not yet paid their 2012 fee.
  • 2013 includes up to May 31, 2013.  Noted that scholarships for Lunteren are included.

World Congress for 2016 was discussed.  Gerald Maguire from National Stuttering Association (NSA), USA, gave a presentation, proposing a combined NSA and ISA meeting, which would attract around 1000 delegates (700 NSA, 300 ISA), with the venue being on the west coast of America, either in San Francisco or San Diego.  Due to the scale of the event, a convention centre facility may need to be used and costs would be considered carefully when deciding on venue.  The congress itself would run from Wednesday (meetings) through to Sunday, with the potential to also hold a research conference on the Wednesday.

No other bids were made for the 2016 World Congress.  Keith Boss asked if any other Countries had a bid available. The NSA bid was the only bid.

A Motion was made to accept the bid from USA to host the World Congress.  Motion carried (10 in favour, none opposed).

David Shapiro spoke about the potential to collaborate for a World Congress between International Stuttering Association (ISA), International Fluency Association (IFA) and the International Cluttering Association (ICA).  The scope for cross-collaboration between these three organisations is significant and all three organisations can work together towards their common goals and strengthen each other’s mission.

This collaboration could include holding a common single World Congress across all three organisations, with increased number of attendees and benefits for delegates by only needing to attend one conference rather than three.  Benefits are gained by the organisations as costs are reduced (eg. shared marketing), no financial risk and the potential for joint sessions and parallel programs across organisations.

The intent is the first World Fluency Disorders Congress.

A world congress integrated with NSA, ISA, IFA and ICA could see attendance of over 1,000.

There was much discussion on the topic.

Bert Bast spoke about the need for the ISA to increase collaboration between organisations and the benefits of sharing information between scientific and non-scientific delegates.

Michael Sugarman moved that the idea of combining the ISA World Congress with the IFA be given further consideration and, if agreed, further discussions will be held to agree on how to proceed.  Motion carried (10 in favour, none opposed).

It was specifically noted that it may not be possible to make these arrangements in time for the 2016 World Congress.

New potential ISA Board candidates were presented to the meeting.

The meeting paused for a 60 minute lunch break.

On resumption of the meeting the ISAD Online Conference was discussed. It was noted that Judith Kuster has retired.  Bruce Imhoff will help to continue this important event.  ISAD has a new logo “People who stutter supporting each other”.

Stutter Social was explained by Keith Boss as a meeting place that holds up to 10 people with video, with an aim of getting people talking to each other using the Google Hangouts technology.  This tool will help open up accessibility to people who stutter, not just member associations but other people who stutter who have no accessibility to services, a new area the ISA has not been involved in before as an umbrella organisation.

Initial hangouts will be hosted by volunteers when guidelines have been completed and approved by the board, and volunteers are available to host the hangouts.

Currently Hangouts are in English only, but it is intended to open them in other languages

The nominees for the ISA board presented themselves.  All were elected to the board (13 in favour, none opposed).

Name Country Association
Bert Bast The Netherlands Nederlandse stottervereniging Demosthenes
Maartje Borghuis The Netherlands Nederlandse stottervereniging Demosthenes
Keith Boss UK BSA
Harry Dhillon UK BSA
Anja Herde Germany Bundesvereinigung Stottern & Selbsthilfe e.V.
Masuhiko Kawasaki Japan Japan Stuttering Project
Gerald Maguire USA National Stuttering Association
David Resnick USA Stutter Social

The new board was then convened in a short meeting chaired by Michael Sugarman, Chair of the ISA.  Those in attendance were Bert Bast; Maartje Borghuis; Keith Boss; Harry Dhillon; Anja Herde; Masuhiko Kawasaki. During this meeting Keith Boss was elected as the Chair of the ISA, Harry Dhillon was elected to the position of Treasurer.  Masuhiko Kawasaki volunteered to be in charge of One Voice. Other positions will be filled as soon as a whole Board meeting is arranged.

Bert Bast spoke about the Declaration for Stuttering Treatment. A vote was held and 11 members agreed to endorse the document. It will be on the ISA website for use by all Member Associations.

Under Any other Business Anja Herde made two submissions.

1. Anja introduced her team of German colleagues who will help her in her ISA work. They are

  • Elisabeth Bahlmann
  • Claudia Krämer
  • Nico Stolwijk
  • Thomas Grevelhörster
  • Burkhart Große
  • Martin Seefeld (flexibel member)

2. Anja asked about the high cost of registration and if there were ways to reduce this cost. She knows people who were not able to attend because of the costs involved.
General discussion took place on costs to host the Congress; Hotel costs; meeting room costs; food and drink costs; Insurance for hosts against loss of money on the congress / hiring a firm to absorb possible losses (and profits).

To conclude the discussion, Keith Boss asked Anja to look into all these issues for the 2013 / 2011 /  2007 World Congresses;  Assess a possible way ahead (2019 onwards); Report back to the ISA Board who will report back to the membership.
The ISA membership meeting was closed at 5:30pm.

Minutes prepared by Bruce Imhoff, Harry Dhillon and Keith Boss