October 22

Since 1998, every year on October 22 we celebrate ISAD. Isn’t this an excellent joint project between ISA, IFA and ELSA? Haven’t we already accomplished a lot together?

The self-help groups and the national associations become very active and creative when International Stuttering Awareness Day approaches. The Stuttering Homepage has been the home of ISAD online conferences on stuttering until 2012.  The International Stuttering Association has been running the online conference since 2013.

There is big media coverage in many countries. People who stutter from self-help groups as well as professionals are interviewed for TV and newspapers. Excellent projects, interesting discussions and parties occur around the World around October 22. It is so gratifying to see how the national associations use this Day for working and celebrating.

A team of dedicated people including Anita Blom, Bruce Imhoff, Hanan Hurwitz, Pamela Mertz, McKenzie Jemmett, Scott Palasik, and Jaime Michise work to deliver a high quality conference each year, since 2013.  This has built on the hard work on previous conferences by Judy Kuster, Michael Sugarman, Amy Johnson  and many, many others. International Stuttering Awareness Day is an excellent model for further future cooperation of the stuttering community together with the professionals.