The ISA is very pleased to be able to offer the Clinical Guideline 'Stuttering in Children, Adolescents and Adults' (Pertijs et al. 2014) and allowing the usage of this English translation free of charge and obligation. The professional translation (and edited by Bert Bast, Leonoor Oonk and Mark Pertijs from The Netherlands) makes a significant contribution to the community of people who stutter around the world.

The Dutch Clinical Guideline on Stuttering was discussed extensively at the 8th World Congress of the International Fluency Association (IFA) at Lisbon July 2015.  The guideline gives both underlying scientific data and specific clinical recommendations for different age groups, ranging from early intervention before 6 years of age, via an intermediate group 6-13 years of age to behavioral aspects and stuttering modification above 13 years of age. The inherent strengths were seen (i.e. the most recent one and the first one being written according to the new GRADE criteria), but being written in Dutch a broader usage of it was difficult, prompting a professional translation into an English version.

This translated guideline alone is not usable as such on national level in other countries; productive clinical guidelines have to be written on a national scale, taking into account aspects of insurance, availability of specific therapies etc. The underlying science, however, is identical.  We advise that you read this guideline and discuss within your own organization as to whether and how this text might be used in writing or adopting your own national Clinical Guideline on Stuttering.

Bert would be pleased to receive your comments during your process, enabling the improvement of this Guideline, with the eventual intent (after e.g. five years) of a revised Clinical Guideline, partially at an international level.