What ISA Do
Photo by: Michael Braun

ISA – International Stuttering Association is a worldwide network of people who stutter, a non-profit umbrella association dedicated to close cooperation among independent national and international self-help organizations of people who stutter. ISA was founded in 1995.

A good introduction to ISA, its history, activities and more may be found on Article about ISA written by Jaan Pill.  This article was published on the ISAD online conference on October 1 to 22, 2001 organized by Judy Kuster on the Stuttering Home Page

Member  Associations page presents a list of current ISA member associations.

Please refer to Application page for instruction of how to apply for ISA membership on behalf of your association.

Five reasons for founding the ISA in 1995 *

  1. The strong need for an international association for countries both in and outside of Europe. ELSA, founded in 1990, is a good model.
  2. The chance for people who stutter to speak with ONE voice internationally.
  3. Therapies, therapists and much more were often criticized in many national associations.
  4. A precedent was set by the International Blind Union (established in 1929) and the International League of the Deaf for people with disabilities to be represented by international organizations. Why should people who stutter not speak with one voice?
  5. Think globally, act locally. The World Congresses every 3 years are a good forum to create policies and international projects on stuttering.

* From Thomas Krall Keynote speech given in the 3rd IFA
congress in Nighborg, Denmark, August 2000