Who is eligible to be an ISA member ?

According to the ISA constitution every national and international self-help stuttering organization can be a member of the ISA, even when there is more than one organization in one country.

In other words, only organizations are eligible to be ISA members.

However, there is also another, non-voting, membership category for individuals, that of Special Friends. The term Special Friends refers to individual memberships for people, from countries that are not yet members of the ISA, who wish to assist in ISA outreach efforts in their respective countries. For further information, please contact any member of the board.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to resources to help your association develop.
  • Taking part in a global process of improving understanding about stuttering throughout the world.
  • Contributing and helping those less fortunate.
  • Taking part in ISA projects.
  • Voting rights at ISA meetings and involvement in World Congresses for People Who Stutter and other events initiated by the ISA.
  • Having ISA Newsletter “One Voice” being mailed to your organization.
  • Having your contact information on Member page of ISA web site to enable more people in your country to know about your organization and to joint it.
  • Being a part of ISA mailing list which is a global network for information exchange between ISA member associations.

Contact with the ISA prior to membership application:

Any contact with the ISA about membership application procedures or enquiries about the ISA should be directed by mail or by e-mail to ISA secretary or any other ISA board member.

How can your organization apply to become an ISA member?

If your organization conforms with what is stated at the top of this page (Who is eligible), you are welcome to apply for ISA membership on behalf of your organization. To do so please follow the following procedure:

Prepare the following documents written on the organization letterhead (see application language)

  1. An official request asking ISA Board of Directors to accept your organization as an ISA member.
    This request should be addressed to the Chair or Vice-Chair.
  2. Information about the organization that includes:
  • Organization Name
  • Is the organization National or International?
  • Number of members
  • Annual Budget
  • Mail address
  • Phone number
  • Web site (if exists)
  • Organization purposes (preferably the purposes as stated on the organization’s constitution and/or registration certificate), including whether or not the organization is run by people who stutter
  • Information about the contact person (Name, address,E-mail, Phone, etc.)
  • In case of a National stuttering self-help organization please add the following information:
    • Country
    • Does the organization have an official certificate from the National authorities? If not please explain the reasons.
    • A short description of the organization, its background, history and recent activities.
    • Prepare a photocopy of the organization certificate from national authorities. If your certificate is not in English, please add a translation (see application language).

The above documents should be emailed using the contact page at this link

ISA annual membership fees:

ISA membership is subject to payment of the annual membership fees that varies according member associations annual budget:

The ISA has recently move its bank account to the UK.  The annual membership fees for the year 2014 are:

Association whose annual budget is above 5000 EURO £150 (GBP)
Association whose annual budget is between 500 and 5000 EURO £100 (GBP)
Association whose annual budget is below 500 EURO £50 (GBP) or by donation

Application language

The application documents (including the translation of the certificate) should be preferably written in English. In case of having a problem in writing it in English, there is a possibility to use other languages too, please consult the ISA Secretary about the possibility of using the language you would like to use.