At a meeting in August 2000 in Nyborg, Denmark, during the Third World Congress on Fluency Disorders, organized by the International Fluency Association (IFA), the ISA Board of Directors decided to update the original ISA website. ISA owes thanks to Eddy Orlowsky, of the Netherlands, who created the original ISA website following the ISA founding meeting in Sweden in 1995.

The goal of the new site at is to create a global self-help network for people who stutter and a meeting point for stuttering on the internet.

Looking at the above goal and at the same time looking at our world, the ISA board concluded that the ISA website is in fact a place of dreams. For that reason, the ISA website features sky blue and white colors to give an impression of being in clouds or in a world of dreams.

The site is based on development guidelines which specify that it:

  • Be a reflection of the ISA mission.
  • Be the official voice of ISA along with One Voice.
  • Provide a forum in which ISA member associations can express their opinions and desires.

The ISA board also specified that the site should include an emphasized link to the Stuttering Home Page. Accordingly, there is a link to the latter site on the upper left corner on each page of the ISA website.

By way of meeting operational requirements

  • The ISA website will be maintained and updated by a webmaster group.
  • The webmaster group will be a group of people and not a single individual, to eliminate dependency on just one person.
  • The site will be built in a way that it can be easily modified or updated, and not necessarily by the originator.

The webmaster group focuses on collecting content for the site, web design and implementation of the website.

The group welcomes volunteers. Please contact the webmaster group at for more information.