New members

We are pleased to inform that the following associations were accepted as a new member of ISA. Stuttering Association of Nigeria, Africa Easy Speak Association of Uganda, Africa Association Mauritanienne Des Personnes Begues of Mauritania, Africa Association Espoir Pour Les Begues of … Continue reading

New logo for ISA

ISA board of directors accepted a new logo for the associations.  Here it is: We would like to acknowledge all those who participated the project and especially: Mr.  Gregg Benedict, who designed the victorious proposal. Mr. Thomas Krall (the former … Continue reading

New member associations

We are pleased to inform you that three new ISA member associations have been accepted for membership in ISA: SCAC, a self help association of people who stutter in Cameroon. TMM-L,  a Spanish-language online self-help group for people who stutter. … Continue reading