Yoichi served on the ISA Board from 2011.

Yoichi Tsutsumino is a member of the Japan Stuttering Project. In the activity of JSP, he especially learns Adler’s Individual Psychology which has helped him a lot in dealing with his stuttering. He writes, “I started to stutter when I was 16. I was devoted to treatment until I was 23. Despite my effort, I could not beat my stuttering. But I came to think that I can live with my stuttering and fulfill my life because I found that I am not alone and that there are many things that I can do in spite of my stuttering. I accept my stuttering now. But it does not mean that I do not worry about it anymore. It means that I accept my whole life, including all the worrying and troubles about stuttering. I have decided to live my life as a person who stutters.