On the ISA Business Meeting held on May 6, 2007 (during the 8th congress for People who Stutter in Cavtat, Croatia) A new ISA board was elected by the delegates of ISA member associations.

The new board includes the following members:

Name Country
John Steggles
Dr Moussa Dao
Joseph Lukong
Suzana Jelčić-Jakšić
Thomas Krall
Benny Ravid
Masuhiko Kawasaki
Keith Boss
Michael Sugerman
– Australia
– Burkina Faso
– Cameroon
– Croatia
– Germany
– Israel
– Japan
– UK

The new board made the following nominations:

Benny Ravid – ISA Chair
John Steggles – ISA Vice Chair
Joseph Lukong – ISA Secretary

For more details please see:
the 8th World Congress for People who Stutter Page

See also: A message to Press and News Agencies


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Commencing at 10 AM

Hotel Croatia, Cavtat

Meeting Call to Order

ISA Chair Mark Irwin called the meeting to order at 10:15 AM and welcomed the delegates and guests.

After some opening comments, Mark suggested that the ISA Member Associations introduce themselves. The following introductions were made:

Ronald Van Demosthenes Netherlands
Per Knudsen Danish Stuttering Assoc. Denmark
John Steggles Speak Easy Assoc. Australia
Mario Mevden Udruga Hinko Freund Croatia
Masuhiko Kawasaki Japan Stuttering Project Japan
Moussa Dao ABC Acion Conre Burkina Faso
Joseph Lukong Speak Clear Assoc. Cameroon
Benny Ravid Israel Stuttering Assoc. Israel
Thomas Krall German Stuttering Assoc. Germany
Markus Preinfalk OSIS Austria
Judith Eckardt NSA USA

Mark reminded the whole group that one vote is obtained from each ISA Member Association that is present.

Mark introduced ISA Advisory Board Members:  Shinji Ito, Japan; Mel Hoffman, USA;  Anita Blom, Sweden; Keith Boss, UK; Moussa Dao, Africa; Thomas Krall, Germany; Marlene Green, Canada.

Mark introduced potential new ISA Membership Associations:

Ousmane Issa Bourkou Sainta                Chad
Joseph Nsubuga                                   Uganda
Prem Kumar                                         India
Zong-Shan Li                                       China
Indra Shrestha                                      Nepal
Dritan Kici                                           Albania

Mark gave a special THANK YOU to the hosting Organizing Committee for the Congress and the Congress Chair, Suzana Jelcic Jaksic.

Approval of Minutes of the ISA Meeting on February 4, 2004 in Perth, Australia. Motion Passed.

Update of Special Friends Membership Group Status. Keith Boss, UK, Member of the Outreach Committee, presented a world map that showed areas of the world that have made contact with ISA. No Special Friends are recommended at this time.

Board Recommendations for Honorary Members:  None at this time.


All reports were done prior to the meeting and had been sent via email to ISA Board Members, ISA Advisory Board Members, and ISA Member Associations.

President’s Report: Mark Irwin Report accepted by vote.
Secretary’s Report: Judith Eckardt. Report accepted by vote.
Treasurer’s Report: Hermann Christman Report accepted by vote.
Website Committee Report: Benny Ravid Report accepted by vote.
Discussion:  Much need to update ISA Member Assoc. Contacts
Outreach Report: Keith Boss Report accepted by vote.
Discussion:  Acknowledge Stefan Hoffmann. Use more technology for meetings and sharing keynote speakers.
ISAD Report: Mark Irwin for Michael Sugarman Report accepted by vote.
Online Conf. Report: Mark Irwin for Michael Sugarman Report accepted by vote.
2005 Cameroon Conf. Report: Joseph Lukong Report accepted by vote.
Stuttering Essay Contest Report: Masuhiko Kawasaki Report accepted by vote.
Discussion: 14 essays had been received. The winner will be announced during the Congress.
International Speech Project Report: Mark Irwin Report accepted by vote.
Discussion: Acknowledged Moussa Dao and Anne-Marie Simon.
CD Rom Report: Mark Irwin Report accepted by vote.
Discussion: Initiative to cross market the CD Rom & Essay Contest. Winner would be announced for ISAD. Purchase CD Roms by Local Associations.
ONE VOICE Report: Mark Irwin for Albert Zhang Report accepted by vote.



Genyukai Association Japan                        Kunihiko Ikeda

Indra Shrestha                                              Nepal Stuttering Association*
Demosthenes (Netherlands)                         Ronald Van Drunen
Indian Stammering Association *                 Prem Kumar
Israel Stuttering Association                         Benny Ravid
Speak Easy (Australia)                                  John Steggles

*Not yet ISA Member Associations

MEMORIAL:  Thomas Krall from Germany asked that 30 seconds of silence be taken for Konrad Schaefers who died about 6 months ago. Konrad who was from Germany was one of the founders of ELSA and ISA.


Presentation of  Bids for the ISA Congress in 2010

China                                       Zong-Shan Li

India                                         Prem Kumar

Argentina                                  Withdrawn

Both Zong-Shan Li and Prem Kumar were questioned about their country’s ability to host the 2010 ISA Congress.  Questions involved location, number of local associations, financial support, translation capabilities, and experience.  A vote from the Member Associations was taken and Beijing, China will be the location of the ISA 2010 Congress. The Host group will be the China Stuttering Association (CSA).

Mark introduced Willie Boterill from the UK. She is President Elect of the IFA (International Fluency Association). She announced that the IFA will meet in Brazil in 2009. The possibility of IFA and ISA holding a joint Congress in the future was discussed.

Open to Floor Discussion:

ISA Vision: A World that Understands Stuttering
ISA Mission: To improve the conditions of all whose lives are affected by stuttering in all countries. 13 items are listed in the Constitution.


Motion 22 and Stuttering Definitions:  Mark Irwin gave a powerpoint presentation and read the public awareness statement.  Later following concerns expressed by Marlene Green and Anita Blom, it became clear that the time constraints would prevent full discussion. Accordingly, a decision was made to postpone further discussion on this topic and allow more time for consideration by ISA Member Associations.

The need for an “ISA Office” was discussed. Mark made comments that it is his experience that the ISA workload has developed significantly over the last 3 years. In his opinion,  administrative assistance for the ISA Chair will be necessary to ensure further ISA expansion.

Election of a New ISA Board and Treasurer

The following present ISA Directors remain on the Board:  Masuhiko Kawasaki, Japan; John Steggles, Australia; Benny Ravid, Israel; and Joseph Lukong, Cameroon.  Michael Sugarman, USA, was absent and was in the vote.

Mark Irwin accepted self-nominations for ISA Director and names were written on the board/flip chart. Mark told the group that we presently had 9 Directors but that the ISA Constitution permitted up to 11.  No one contested this statement at the time. Eleven names were self-nominated and Michael’s name was added to the list. There was a paper vote taken resulting in the elimination of one person and at the close of the meeting, 11 ISA Directors were elected. It was later realized that the ISA Constitution calls for a maximum of 9 Directors and that situation is now under consideration by the ISA Board.

The following people are the New ISA Directors: Dritan Kici, Albania; Keith Boss, UK; Thomas Krall, Germany; Suzana Jelcic Jaksic, Croatia; Moussa Dao, Burkina Faso; and Prem Kumar, India.

Michael Sugarman, USA, will remain as an ISA Director.

Indra Lal Shrestha, Nepal, will be on the ISA Advisory Board.

A new ISA Treasurer was not elected.

The ISA 2007 Business Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.

Judith Eckhardt

ISA Secretary

Mel & Ruth Hoffman, Recorders

The following people attended the ISA Business Meeting and signed the check-in sheet:

Judith Eckardt,USA
Mel Hoffman, USA
Marlene Green, Canada
Masuhiko Kawasaki, Japan
Yukichi Akamatsu, Japan
Yosimasa Sakata, Japan
Shinji Ito, Japan
Kazue Shinji, Japan
Zung-Shan Li, China
Mark Irwin, Australia
John Steggles, Australia
Benny Ravid, Israel
Keith Boss, UK
Prem Kumar, India
Indra Lal Shrestha, Nepal
Markus Preinfalk, Austria
Katrina Zvonarich, Austria
Blank Koffer, Germany
Manfred Fitzner, Germany
Thomas Krall, Germany
Thomas Grevelhoerster, Germany
Matthias Losert, Germany
Per Knudsen, Denmark
Henrik Jensen, Denmark
Herman Christmann, Denmark
Mariette Von Eekelen, Netherlands
Maria (Maartje) Borghuis, Netherlands
Richard Bourgondien, Netherlands
Ronald Van Drunen, Netherlands
Sybren Bouwsma, Netherlands
Jiri Palica, Czech Rep
Jiri Mazoch, Czech Rep
Dritan Kici, Albania
Mario Gotovac, Croatia
Konstantin Belov, Russia
OusmaneIssa BourkouSainta, Chad
Joseph Lukong, Cameroon
Moussa Dao, Burkina Faso
Dina Lilian, South Africa
Joseph Nsubuga, Uganda
Gansou Gregoire, Benin


MAY 9, 2007

At 1:10 PM Mark Irwin, Retired ISA Chair, opened a meeting of the new ISA Board (10 present) to elect Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The results are as follows:

ISA Chair:            Benny Ravid, Israel

ISA Vice Chair:  John Steggles, Australia

ISA Secretary:     Joseph Lukong, Cameroon

ISA Treasurer:     No candidate

May 10, 2007

At 11:40 AM, Benny Ravid, ISA Chair, opened a meeting to discuss formation of a Press Release for the 8th ISA World Congress.

May 10, 2007

At 6:40 PM, Benny Ravid, ISA Chair, open a meeting to discuss VISIONS & TARGETS for ISA.  Each ISA Board Member and Advisory Board Member was asked to present.

Judith Eckardt, Recorder