United Kingdom

STAMMA  the British Stammering Association (BSA)

15 Old Ford Roadbsa_logo_142x111
London E2 9PJ, U.K.
Phone : +4420 20 8983 1003
(From within the UK, one dials 020 8983)
E-mail : mail@stamma.org
Web : www.stamma.org

ISA contact person:
Jane Powell
Phone: +4420 1691 780111
Mobil: +4420 7905 345287

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ELSA – European League of Stuttering Associations
IFA – International Fluency Association
SFA – Stuttering Foundation of America
NSA – National Stuttering Association
BSA – British Stammering Association

In keeping with our mission of providing an open forum for the exchange of extensive and thought-provoking information about stuttering, the ISA Web site features links to a wide range of external sites. In offering such links, ISA does not take responsibility for the contents of external sites. Nor does ISA endorse any particular approach to dealing with stuttering.

As people who stutter, we are potential consumers of many treatment services and other programs, including ones from people who are not speech-language pathologists. As consumers, it is in our interests to look closely at the information that is out there and to keep in mind the concept of “Consumer Beware.”