Press Release on January 20, 2021

Joe Biden is the first president of the USA who stutters. One per cent of all adults stutter, about 7.77 million people worldwide. Self-help organisations of people who stutter have now joined together worldwide to congratulate Joe Biden on his inauguration on 20 January 2021. The 31 organisations from 29 countries signed a joint letter of congratulations with the words: “Your achievement stands testament to the fact that having a stutter is no reflection upon brains or talent. This is an empowering message for young people who stutter here, and in every continent around the world”. The letter ends with, ‘You stutter, we stutter, it’s how we talk’.

Stuttering is a neurologically caused disorder of speech and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about a person’s intelligence, character or personal environment. The signatories hope that Biden’s position will help the media and the public have a more positive and insightful understanding about what it means to have a stutter. Stuttering is no reflection on talent and should be no bar to ambition, it is just how some people talk. People who stutter, from young to old, are just as capable to live a successful life and act as role models and leaders in our world. There is no limit, no border. Because important is not HOW someone says something, but WHAT someone says. We just say it in our own way, summarises Anja Herde, Chair of the International Stuttering Association (ISA).

The following stuttering associations signed the letter before the press release was published:

International Stuttering Association Global association
Asian Association for Stuttering Organizations (AASO) Asian association 
Australian Speak Easy Association Australia
Oesterreichische Selbsthilfe-Initiative Stottern Austria
Botswana Stuttering Association Botswana
Bulgarian Stuttering Association Bulgaria
Burkina Faso Stuttering Association Burkina Faso
Canadian Stuttering Association Canada
Foreningen for Stammere i Danmark Denmark
The Dominican Stuttering Foundation Dominican Republic
Bundesvereinigung Stottern und Selbsthilfe e.V. Germany 
Ghana Stammering Association Ghana
Malbjorg Iceland
The Indian Stammering Association India
Irish Stammering Association Ireland
Japan Stuttering Genyukai Association Japan
Shoqata Kosovare per Belbezim Kosovo
Lithuanian Stuttering Problem Club Lithuania
Nepal Stutters Association Nepal
Nederlands Stottervereniging ‘Demosthenes’ Netherlands
Pakistan Stammering Foundation, SAY Global Foundation Pakistan
Habla Libre Peruvian Association Peru
Russian Stuttering Association Russia
Speakeasy Stuttering Association of South Africa South Africa
VERSTA Switzerland
Youth Action for Mutual Aid and fight against Stuttering Togo
Stamma, 50 Million Voices United Kingdom
National Stuttering Association, Friends United States
Stuttering Association of Zambia Zambia

These associations supported the united congratulatory letter after the publication:

Belgische Stottervereniging BSV Belgium
Association bégaiement communication Canada
Iranian Association Self -Help for stutterers Iran
Stamningsförbundet Sweden

See the complete ISA_Press Release_Joe Biden_United Congratulatory Letter.