Pakistan Stammering Hub (PSH)

Pakistan Stammering Hub was created in the year 2011 with the aim to fulfill the dire need of increasing the awareness about stammering both in ordinary listeners and the stammerers themselves. Throughout the world almost in every country stammering associations work the the benefit of stammering community, and we believe that our activities will also serve this purpose of educating the people about this kind on impairment by actively running different campaigns about stammering and its effect of person’s life. This will also help in understanding the role of listener in the life of a person suffering from this disorder and how the listener can help. This platform aims to change the lives of those who are in need of help at this time.

Contact Information

Postal address: Psychology Department University of Peshawar, Pakistan.
Email Address:
Phone: +92 3329588968

Stuttering Home Page
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In keeping with our mission of providing an open forum for the exchange of extensive and thought-provoking information about stuttering, the ISA Web site features links to a wide range of external sites. In offering such links, ISA does not take responsibility for the contents of external sites. Nor does ISA endorse any particular approach to dealing with stuttering.

As people who stutter, we are potential consumers of many treatment services and other programs, including ones from people who are not speech-language pathologists. As consumers, it is in our interests to look closely at the information that is out there and to keep in mind the concept of “Consumer Beware.”