Keith was elected to the ISA Board 2013 and was Chair of the Association until 2016.  He was also elected to the ISA Board in 2011 as Vice Chair and again in 2007 as Outreach Coordinator.  Keith currently serves on the ISA Advisory Board from 2016.

Keith can be contacted by email at

Keith is a retired computer professional. He has stuttered since he was 3 years old. Although his wife died in 2001, he regularly visits his married daughter in Illinios USA, and his married son and two grandsons in England. Throughout his working life he was involved in helping others to accept change. In February 2006, he stepped out of his comfort zones and his own village to seek better communication.  Since then, as a Trustee on the British Stammering Association (BSA) Board, and as a Director on the International Stuttering Association (ISA) Board as well as the Chair of the ISA Outreach program he has looked for ways to raise stuttering awareness and to help People Who Stutter. Now as the Chair of the ISA Board Keith will look for innovative ways in the three T’s (Training, Therapy and Technology) to help Children and Adults Who Stutter in all the countries of the World where there is little or no help. Keith will work with the President of the IFA to find a way ahead where the links between PWS and SLPs / SLTs is closer and more productive. He will constantly ask HOW, a very powerful word.