ISAD 2010 – People who stutter INSPIRE!

Show made by Michael Sugarman and his daughter Rebekah for the 13th Online conference hosted from 1-22 October 2010.
The THIRTEENTH International Stuttering Awareness Day online conference, ‘People Who Stutter: INSPIRE!’ hosted by Judith Kuster, Emeritus Professor, Minnesota State University, Mankato opens October 1, 2010, and can be found on the top of the Stuttering Home Page (
The online conference features several papers written by well-known professionals and consumers (people who stutter) from around the world.
During the three weeks the conference is “live”, from October 1-22, participants can read papers and interact with the presenters on easy-to-use threaded discussions attached to each paper.  Consumers (people who stutter, their friends, families, and employers) find many papers interesting, helpful and inspiring. Stuttering support groups often assign specific papers to read and discuss at their meetings.
We hope you will join us for the conference!
Judy Kuster, Conference coordinator, Webweaver of the Stuttering Home Page