ISAD 2004 – International Year of the Child Who Stutters

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I am writing to you in relation to the International Year for Children Who Stutter. The Bulgarian Stuttering Association (SIZ) initiated different activities during the last two months. We started a contest for paintings, poems, short stories, essays focused on stuttering and divided into two smaller topics – for stuttering and for non-stuttering children. We made it in cooperation with an Internet portal for children. We also presented the movie To Speak in a school, inviting the media and we will continue showing it in other schools through the year. The IYCWS logo is on our webpage as well. We found the ideas in your brochure very interesting but unfortunately I was not able to open the web pages which offer tips for a workshop organization etc. Could you please send them to me in an email.

We would like to organize a camp for stuttering children as well as to make leaflets and posters for the IYCWS, and to publish a book at the end of the year with the works, which we will receive in the competition. The problem is that we do not have any funding and it is very difficult to get some in Bulgaria. Could you give me some ideas for organizations, programs, projects at/for which we can apply for funding?

Best regards,
Irina Papancheva
chairperson of SIZ
21 Mar, 2004

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