SAY Global Foundation (SGF) is working for the benefit of society by targeting those areas (population) which are neglected and required our utmost attention and aid. In this regard we are currently working for the betterment of Individuals with Stutter (IWS), awareness and treatment on Mental Health. For the betterment and welfare of IWS our projects are

 We are six members in the Board of Directors, for information ( To run the organization we have a team of 11 members ( In our Global Volunteer Network (GVN) currently we have around 20 volunteers working in our different projects. Contact information about our organization can be found out on As discussed, SGF,PSF, AASO would like to be member of ISA. This would amplify our efforts not within Pakistan but also in Asia and it will also be a support to ISA in the cause. 

Stamily is the combination of stammer and family and is an international association for people who stutter by people who stutter. The goal of the association is to raise awareness, build a community, organize events and share stories. People who stutter from any country in the world can become a member and contribute to the organisation. More information can be found at:

Are you a member of a self-help organisation that is not a member of ISA yet? See here more info about becoming a member:
A membership of ISA has several benefits, including:
– Access to resources to help your association develop.
– Taking part in a global process of improving understanding about stuttering throughout the world.
– Taking part in ISA projects.
– Voting rights at ISA meetings and involvement in World Congresses for People Who Stutter and other events initiated by the ISA.
– Having ISA Newsletter “One Voice” being mailed to your organization.