Hanan became a member of the ISA Board in 2014 and resigned in 2016. Hanan now serves on the ISA Advisory Board from 2016.

Hanan Hurwitz is an Electronics Engineer working as Director of Quality at a global company that designs and manufactures electronic servo controls. Hanan has extensive experience in diverse disciplines, having worked during his career in Electronics and Software Development, Project Management, Account Management, Technical Support, Business Development, Marketing and Quality Management. He is passionate about keeping the Customer Experience at the forefront of the product life-cycle.

Hanan is also a person Who Stutters, and has stuttered since childhood. He started his journey of understanding stuttering in 2010, when he attended the National Stuttering Association annual conference. At that conference, he learned key concepts about stuttering and has invested intensely in furthering his understanding and use of those concepts. Knowledge about stuttering and meeting so many wonderful People Who Stutter, have enabled him to come back from deep despair, and to grow and thrive. After being helped by the stuttering community, Hanan is working to give back to the community and to support other People Who Stutter.

He enjoys blues, electric guitar, teaching and giving presentations, helping others understand stuttering, and advertising his stutter when he has the courage.