New Member – Dominican Republic

We’re really pleased to welcome our newest member to the ISA family, the Dominican Stuttering Foundation in the Dominican Republic!

Do you know about an association for people who stutter who are not a member of the ISA family?  Please point them in our direction by sending them the link to this page or our Become a Member page, we’d love to hear from them!

Meeting of the Board – November

We’re working hard to pull together committees to realise the needs and expectations of members.  You may have seen some of the outcomes of the work done so far, the work started and groups formed so far include:

  • International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference – October 1 – 22
  • World Congress 2018 committee has held three meetings and is progressing with organisation of the event
  • World Congress 2019 group has held some initial discussions for planning of the event
  • One Voice 38 has been produced (see the next item in this email)
  • Introduction letter sent from the Chair to member associations
  • Membership invoices for 2016 have been issued
  • Work on the development of a survey looking at your needs in development and will be sent soon
  • Website updates have progressed, take a look at our Committees and Projects page for what we’re planning!
  • A Research and Educational Resources committee will start reviewing resources on the website soon
  • Enhancing our social media presence and engaging more with visitors to our social media platforms
  • Building outreach activities

More about progress of these groups and activities next month!

One Voice 38

We’ve just finished publishing the biannual magazine of the ISA, One Voice.  There’s a lot of content there, from the membership meeting to the two upcoming World Congresses as well as news from the world!

You can access One Voice at this link!

Do you have something of interest to our members that you would like to contribute to the next edition?  Please let us know and get in touch by email at

Expect a survey soon…

We will be reaching out to you, our members, to update our records and to see where and how we can help you.  Please spend some time within your groups giving us your thoughts.

ISA Board

  • Annie Bradberry – USA (Chair)
  • Bruce Imhoff – Australia (Vice Chair)
  • Pam Mertz – USA (Secretary)
  • Andri Bjarnason – Iceland
  • Anja Herde – Germany
  • Dhruv Gupta- India (Communications & Website)
  • Joseph Nsubuga – Uganda
  • Keisuke Saito- Japan
  • Mitch Trichon – USA