To: Stuttering Community
From: Keith Boss
Regarding: July 2014 eNewsflash

June e-newsflash

No June e-newsflash was prepared or circulated.

July e-newsflash

Preparation of this eNewsflash was delayed while we transitioned the eNewsflash to different technology, after we had some technical problems with the website.  We will now be distributing the eNewsflash directly through our Facebook account, and will no longer be sending through emails.  Like our Facebook page to stay up to date with what’s going on in the International Stuttering Association.

Historic eNewsflashes will no longer be available at their original links, but they can still be viewed in PDF at this link.

One Voice 36

We need your articles for OV36.

Masuhiko would like many articles from you. You can write about anything which relates to stuttering. A few ideas are:-

  • What you are doing for the ISA;
  • What is going on in your own Associations / Countries
  • Self help groups / Chapters in your own Countries;
  • Anything you want to tell to our Global community;
  • Any conferences / Open Days you held or were part of recently? What are you planning to do in near future? Readers would really like to hear your experiences.
  • Do you have any useful research?

Masuhiko also writes,

Anything many members want to read is welcome.

Photos with any article will be very helpful.

Please send all articles and photos to me or Keith, and I will pass them on to our Editor, Josh.

If you need inspiration, please see

The new deadline is Monday Aug. 11th.

I look forward to hearing from you all,

Thank you in advance and take care,

Masuhiko Kawasaki
ISA Board of Director


No further information yet.

ISA Business

Moving ISA Bank accounts. Discussions have taken place. We may be openning an account in America shortly.

Outreach committee and the 5 sub committees . Discussions are taking place. We are in touch with Israel and a Chapter (Self Help Group) in Chicago USA. Both are interested in starting outreach in their own areas of the world. We will be helping them. Work in hand.

Fund raising sub committee. Discussions are taking place. Work in hand.

World Congress 2016. Discussions are taking place. Hotels near Disneyland in California are under investigation. We are talking to the NSA about a WC2016 website as soon as a hotel has been selected. Work in hand.

One person from the Uganda Speech Easy Association has volunteered to stand on the ISA Board of Directors. The Board will vote on this at our next Board Meeting in less than two weeks.

Stuttering Therapies

(Please note. The ISA is presenting this information for review and consideration only. The ISA does not recommend any specific therapy for any person who stutters)

Kevin (Kevin A Eldridge, PhD, CCC-SLP) of the Logue Academy .and his business provided a synopsis of their work and hope to send a fuller description for the August e-newsflash. If you like this, be sure to get your copy in August.

Our personal and professional experience demonstrates that addressing “communication apprehension” using a Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach is the key to a successful therapeutic outcome for the individual who stutters, and their listeners. Research suggests that people who stutter have a speech mechanism that is not as robust as a normally fluent speaker. However, most people who stutter have naturally flowing speech in some situations.  By helping the person who stutters discover what they are already doing that results in natural speech, they can begin to do more of what already works. 

The tension-related speech behaviors that people call stuttering are based primarily in the fear of stuttering, the fear of speaking and the fear of interacting. If an individual is trying to hide the fact that they stutter or are afraid of what might happen when they stutter, and are afraid to speak, they will be unable to release the natural speech they possess.

Our approach does not focus on stopping or controlling stuttering. This is not the goal, nor should it be. Most of us have gone down that path and been disappointed. You have a voice, a voice others should hear. Our goal is to help you share it without fear.

Please remember, I would like to hear from Therapists from all around the world who use alternative therapies (outside the conventional box). I would like an article from you about your treatment of people who stutter. I believe for example that the Japanese Self Help Groups look into the benefits of Assertiveness Training, Gestalt Therapy, Psychodrama, Transactional Analysis, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. I know of the use of ACT and an adapted Mindfulness Therapy.

Could I have volunteers to write an article on one of the above or on any other therapy out there being used with success? If so, please contact me so that I can include your article from June onwards.

Would PWS contact me with details of an alternative therapy which workrd for them.


Are any of our members involved with UNICEF projects to help stuttering children around the world? Would you like to be involved?

Please contact me.

My warmest wishes to you all.

Keith Boss (Chair International Stuttering Association (ISA))