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Meeting of the Board – February

In February the board discussed the range of work currently going on and we’re really excited to welcome new people helping us with the broad work of the ISA

  • Kelly Snow helping us with the production of One Voice
  • Tim Kincaid and Bob Wellington helping is with the treasurer work of the ISA
  • Sharon Voss helping with communications

We’re also progressing with follow up on invoices, planning for the 2017 International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference, and the work for the 2018 joint conference in Hiroshima is progressing well, with the theme announced in the last newsflash.

One Voice 39

Have you got a story you want to share?  Please get in touch with us!

We’re currently asking for articles for our next edition of One Voice in May 2017, contact us at

ISA Board

  • Annie Bradberry – USA (Chair)
  • Bruce Imhoff – Australia (Vice Chair)
  • Pam Mertz – USA (Secretary)
  • Andri Bjarnason – Iceland
  • Anja Herde – Germany
  • Dhruv Gupta- India (Communications & Website)
  • Joseph Nsubuga – Uganda
  • Keisuke Saito- Japan
  • Mitch Trichon – USA