To: Stuttering Community
From: Keith Boss
Regarding: August 2015 eNewsflash

International Stuttering Awareness Day 2015 Online Conference

The International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference will be held from October 1st to October 22nd 2015.

The International Stuttering Awareness Day is October 22nd.

Our theme is as in the logo “Spread the Word through Education, Cooperation and Communication”.

  • Education to children who stutter, people who stutter, families, friends, employers and employees;
  • Cooperation with people across borders, countries and associations, encouraging appropriate therapies, research and setting up well-prepared self-help organizations; to improve
  • Communication skills day by day, thus reducing the burden of stuttering to enable people who stutter to live and thrive as assets to their community and nation.

The closing date for the submission of papers is August 31, 2015. Please submit your paper as soon as possible.

We want papers, videos or audio from people who stutter (PWS) and professionals (SLPs/SLTs), but also from those who are the partners, parents, children, and colleagues as well as other people who support PWS.

We want well-known clinicians to take the role of experts.

Details about all of this can be found at

We kindly ask you to post this request on your website and spread the logo and this message via your email / facebook / Twitter networks. Thank you so much.

Board of Directors and Advisory Board

It is sad to announce that Masuhiko Kawasaki has resigned form the Board of Directors. New work commitments have limited his available time, so he is no longer able to help us with out work. He wrote, ” Recently, I started up a new division for my company in Tokyo—my main business is based in Osaka—and this makes my life so hectic as I must go to Tokyo almost every week. I am afraid I won’t be able to spare enough time to handle my responsibility as a board member.”

I have worked with Masuhiko for many years. His advice and guidance has been a source of inspiration. Masuhiko, thank you for all your good work over the years to help the ISA. Please continue to keep in touch. With your friends Shinji and Kazue, please keep reminding the ISA to focus on three things’

  • a world that understands stuttering;
  • expanding the number and expertise of self help groups around the world;
  • addressing stigma towards people who stutter wherever it may be.

I have found a potentially suitable recruit from Japan. The Board of Directors has passed a motion (yes=7, abstain=1) for me to appoint him to the Advisory Board. His input to ISA Business will be most welcome.

I introduce Nori ( Norimune Kawai, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Professor, Director The Center for Special Needs Education Research and Practice  Graduate School of Education  Department of Educational, Cultural, and Regional Studies Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation  Hiroshima University ). In March 2013, Michael, our past Chair, had asked the IFA for a donation towards the costs of out last Congress in the Netherlands. The IFA agreed. Later Nori and I linked up to see if the IFA and ISA could have a joint message for ISAD. Recently he emailed me in relation to the bid to host the ICA/IFA/ISA congress in Japan in 2018. He made the bid at the IFA congress last week. We met and had a brief chat.

One Voice 37

As Masuhiko has resigned, and there are no other volunteers, I will take over his role. I will read them to assist in any language issues if needed, and pass them onto our Editor Josh Denault.

We need your articles for new issue of One Voice by Monday 31st August 2015.

You can write about:

  • What you are doing for the ISA;
  • What is going on in your own Associations / Countries
  • Self help groups / Chapters in your own Countries;
  • Anything you want to tell to our Global community;
  • Any conferences / Open Days you held or were part of recently? What are you planning to do in
    near future? Readers would really like to hear your experiences.
  • Do you have any useful research?
  • Anything many members want to read is welcome.
  • Photos with any article will be very helpful.

Please send all articles and photos to me (

If you need inspiration, please see

I look forward to hearing from you all.

We kindly ask you to post this request on your website and spread the logo and this message via your email / facebook / Twitter networks. Thank you so much.

Other ISA Business

  1. World Congress 2016 —- Join ISA/NSA in Atlanta in 2016!

    Get ready to be dazzled as the National Stuttering Association returns to Atlanta for the ISA/NSA World Congress for people who stutter, July 5-10, 2016!

    In 2016, the NSA conference joins up with the International Stuttering Association World Congress and heads to one of the most beautiful cities in the Southeast-Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta uniquely blends southern hospitality with a modern, cosmopolitan touch.  One of the most booming regions in the country, Atlanta hosted the 1996 Olympic games and is home to some of the largest companies in the entire world.Our hotel is the spectacular Hyatt Regency Atlanta, located right in the heart of downtown. This property boasts all of the amenities that you have come to expect from a World Conference – a pool, gym, and even the only revolving rooftop restaurant in the city! Easily accessible by mass-transit, the hotel is just a half hour direct MARTA ride from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  You will want to make your hotel reservations early to ensure space and the best deal available.

    When visiting Atlanta, you will never find yourself short of things to do, because it’s all here, and just steps outside the hotel. If you have the itch to do some shopping, head over to Buckhead and Phipps Plaza, home to the trendiest malls featuring all of the major brand names. If pushing yourself to your physical limits is what gets your blood pumping, head out for a run in scenic Piedmont Park. If the nightlife is what you’re after, Underground Atlanta has your number, with an extensive selection of restaurants and bars to congregate at.

    Of course, Atlanta is known for some dynamite family attractions, as well. Check out the World of Coca-Cola and discover everything from how the taste is in different countries to the fiercely protected secret formula. The Atlanta Zoo is home to some incredibly exotic animals and even some adorable pandas that are just begging to have their picture taken. If it’s all things media that you crave, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to take the CNN tour, and get an up close and personal look at one of the largest networks in the world.   Seeking a bit more excitement?  Take a tram to the very top of Stone Mountain and view the breathtaking Atlanta skyline or head to the ballpark to check out the Atlanta Braves in their last season at Turner Field.  Whatever you decide to do with your free time in Atlanta there will be no shortage of activities and attractions to choose from!

    Register and make your reservations now for July 5-10, 2016 and we will see YOU in Atlanta.’

    We kindly ask you to post this request on your website and spread the logo and this message via your email / facebook / Twitter networks. Thank you so much

  2. Directors’ elections at the Membership meeting in 2016.

At the world Congress in 2016, we will be electing a new Board of Directors. Do you, or any of the other members of your national stuttering association, want to find out more about the roles of your Directors or want to stand for election? If so, please contact me ( Only 9 people can be elected, so if you want to consider your self-election proposal, then contact me as soon as you can.

We kindly ask you to post this request on your website and spread the logo and this message via your email / facebook / Twitter networks. Thank you so much

My warmest wishes to you all, and I look forward to working closely with more of you during the remaining lifetime of this Board,

Keith Boss (Chair International Stuttering Association (ISA))