Elias was elected to the ISA Board August 2021 and reaffirmed by members meeting August 2022 in Liverpool, UK.   He is a person who stammers(PWS) and has eight years experience in stammering awareness and disability rights advocacy.  He helped set up the Ghana Stammering Association (GSA) in 2013 to meet the needs of PWS in Ghana. Since the inception of the GSA, he has led the organization as President.   He has collaborated with the few speech and language therapists (SLTs) in Ghana and organized many events (seminars, conferences, workshops etc.) to raise public awareness about stammering and provide practical guidelines to living with a stammer.   He has led several media awareness campaigns on mainstream media (TV & Radio), social and print media bringing in high profile personalities, such as ministers of government, journalists, and lawyers to assist in the awareness raising campaigns. As a direct result, stigma surrounding stammering is gradually reducing in Ghana.  In his professional capacity, he works as a business development executive in the financial industry with 8 years of experience working in both mainstream and investment banking.  As an ISA Board member, his focus will be to increase stammering awareness across Africa and increase the visibility and presence of the ISA.