Doug was elected to the ISA Board in 2019.

Born and reared in Houston, Texas USA.  I am grateful for the opportunity to continue serving the Stuttering Community as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Stuttering Association (ISA) on behalf of the National Stuttering Association (NSA).

In 1985, I was a part of a small group of people in Houston who formed a stuttering self-help support group which later became affiliated with NSP/NSA.  I have been involved in the stuttering community for 36 years as NSA Chapter leader, NSA conference coordinator, Board member (Adult Programs Co-chair), NSA First Timers Ambassador, and formerly a Stutter Social online host.

I am married and father of two adult sons.    A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a BBA degree in Business/Engineering Management.  Employed for nearly 30 years at Vallourec and Mannesmann Corp., a French and German owned global pipe and steel company; working in Information Technology and General Accounting, as a Systems Administrator, and Accounts Receivable Associate.

I began stuttering at age 7 and quickly advanced to a moderate/severe stutterer.  My mother was very supportive of me as she had a brother who was a very severe stutterer and her mother, my grandmother, was a mild stutterer.   Stuttering had a profound and controlling hold on my life until 1988 when I entered Precision Fluency Shaping Program therapy.  PFSP along with my involvement with the NSA enabled me to accept and manage my stutter and live my best life as an adult.  My major focus and passion is to help primarily adults who stutter become who they want to be and live their best life!