David was elected to the ISA Board in 2013 and stood down in 2016. David can be contacted at david.resnick@isastutter.org.

David Resnick joined the International Stuttering Association’s Board of Directors in 2013. He is a person who stutters and is passionate about offering stuttering self-help to the world after receiving life-changing support from the National Stuttering Association (USA). In 2011, David co-founded Stutter Social, an online support group that uses video chat, Twitter, and blogging to offer self-help and stuttering advocacy to an international audience. David is excited to bring his experience with Stutter Social to the ISA.

In his professional life, David is a consultant with Evolving Media, a digital agency he co-founded in 2002, building websites, mobile apps, and designing digital products. David was previously a user experience analyst with Acquity Group, a Fortune 1000 consulting company. He is also a biofield energy worker, teacher, and writer working at the boundary of cognitive science, physics, and biofield research to assist others with transmuting tension into flow and expanding our highest potentials.

David received his M.S. degree at UC Irvine in Arts Computation Engineering, a program that teaches you how to design, program, and build inventions. David conducted his thesis research on gesture-controlled haptics, immersive media systems, and Eastern medicine and his work was featured in Engadget, Gizmodo, and the UCLA Gamelab.