My name is Cinthia Hieber.  She was born in Asunción, Paraguay 48 year ago and has been happily married for 27 years now.  She is a Forest Engineer.  Since 2010, she has worked full time as Managing Director of a Christian NGO. On October 2018, she was chosen to lead the women’s commission of the Association of Churches and Evangelical Entities of Paraguay. She is the lead delegate of Paraguay to the women’s commission of the Latin Evangelical Alliance and represents this commission before the women’s commission of the World Evangelical Alliance.

As someone who stutters, I founded the first support group for people with stuttering in Paraguay.  Since the first mention of the Support Group in a magazine in 2018  she has been in countless radio & TV interviews, conferences, etc. raising awareness about stuttering in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and the USA (in person) and virtually in several webinars in Latin America.  As representative and founder of the Paraguayan Stuttering Association, founded as a NGO on October 22, 2020; she has given lectures and talks in both government institutions and NGO´s.   She has realized she has voice! 

Her deepest desire is to encourage others to not hide their stuttering, to be fulfilled despite of this condition, while raising awareness about stuttering.