• The Bill of Rights and Responsibilities of people who stutter is a strong statement regarding the human rights of the millions of people who stutter worldwide. It also sets out responsibilities of pws to be resolute in increasing understanding about stuttering, in the creation of a just and compassionate world. The Bill is the result of collaboration between two world-wideinternational organizations, the IFA and the ISA.  Luc de Nil and Michael Sugarman spearheaded the work on the Bill; Ava Barbour of Barbour Design New York, provided the superb art work; and the IFA and ISA supported the efforts both spiritually and financially. The Bill has direct relevance for ALL people who work with stuttering. Its sentiments stretch beyond stuttering to provide a basis for improving understanding of all people with communication disabilities. If YOU are concerned about improving the quality of life of people who stutter, and of people with communication disabilities, the Bill of Rights and Responsibilities will serve you well.

The Bill of Rights and Responsibilities is sponsored by:

  • The International Fluency Association (IFA)This international organization groups researchers, clinicians and consumers with an interest in fluency disorders in children and adults. The IFA organizes workshops and an international conference every three years, which brings together professionals and consumers from around the world. The Journal of Fluency Disorders is the official journal of the International Fluency Association. The organization can be reached at http://www.theifa.org/
  • The International Stuttering Association (ISA)The ISA is the umbrella organization for national and international self help groups for people who stutter. Its vision is a world that understands stuttering and its mission is to represent all people who stutter. It produces a biannual newsletter (One Voice) and can be contacted on https://www.isastutter.org/ For more information contact Michael Sugarman at msugarman1@aol.com