The following addendum was added to the constitution for additional clarity around the role of the Advisory Board.

  1. Addendum 1 – Guidelines regarding the status of ISA Advisory Board (Note these were added in 2011/2013 and did not form part of the original constitution.)
    1. Advisory Board status will stay informal (not covered by constitution or other by-laws). The guidelines introduced here are also informal.
    2. Advisory Board members will advise, but they will have no formal responsibilities or obligations.
    3. Advisory Board members will be appointed by the Chair.
    4. Advisory Board members will fall into one of the following categories:
      1. People with a long and proven experience with self help for people who stutter.
      2. Professionals having a background of collaborative work in the area of self help for people who stutter.
      3. Former ISA Directors.
    5. The number of Advisory Board members will be determined by the Chair, who will increase or decrease the Advisory Board members according to the needs.
    6. Every three year the newly-elected Chair will review the list of Advisory Board members.
    7. The Chair is advised to seek Board approval for any changes in the Advisory Board.