Once every three years, the International Fluency Association (IFA) hosts a conference for clinicians and researchers which provides a forum for discussing the many issues concerning stuttering. The 2012 IFA World Congress will take place on 2-5 July in Tours, France and will provide an opportunity to find out the latest in current technologies, therapies and theories within the field and will encourage the transfer of new ideas and methodologies. Such open discussions will broaden our collective understanding and will hopefully lead to better care for sufferers.

The 7th World Congress of Fluency Disorders is dedicated to elaborating a new definition of stuttering and its subtypes in the light of new information that has emerged from recent research.  The aim of this congress is to discuss the now necessary adjustments to diagnostic and assessment procedures, treatments and professional education. Special sessions will be organised for cluttering, phonetics and linguistics.

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For more information and to sign-up for news updates visit the soon to be finished conference website: www.worldcongressfluencydisorders.com or register your interest today!