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Welcome to the web site of the Stuttering Association of Nigeria (SAN). This is a non-commercial web site. Neither SAN nor its members receive revenues from the operation of this web site. The SAN website was established by Mr Adeyemi Akintunde.

After Mr Adeyemi Akintunde attended the first African Stuttering conference in Douala, Cameroon in October 2005, he sat down and thought of the establishment of SAN website. During the next couple of weeks, a working prototype of the website was created. Mr Akintunde placed the general information of aims, objectives and other contributions of SAN on the website for public access.The SAN web site has been up and running since November 2005 and is constantly being upgraded and updated. Adeyemi has maintained the site since then.

The objective of the SAN web site is to provide people who stutter, their family and friends, speech-language pathologists, academics, students and members of the general public with information on stuttering resources available both in Nigeria and abroad. In addition to providing information on stuttering from international sources, one of the principal mandates of the SAN web site is to feature Nigerian content.

We welcome submissions for our web site. Please direct any submissions to the . SAN and its members are not responsible for the accuracy of any of material submitted by others on the web site. Originators of articles and other submissions will be acknowledged and are solely responsible for the information they provide.

Please look in from time to time to see how this home page is evolving. We hope that you will find the information contained herein both useful and interesting. And please feel free to provide us any comments at:


First and foremost, I will like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr Joseph Lukong. The general coordinator of Speak Clear Association of Cameroon, for helping us to be part of the first African Stuttering Conference, in Douala Cameroon.

Also Dr Dao Moussa, The president of Action Centre Le Begaiment 01 BP 5263 Ouagadougou 01 West Africa Burkinafaso’ for all the encouragement and moral support during the conference in Douala.

Ms Judith Kuster, A Professor at Minnesota State University Mankato,in the Department,Hearing and RehabilitationServices, for linking me up with joseph Lukong some years back.

Mr Jane Fraser of the stuttering foundation of America, for all the free materials they have been sending to us.

The president of international Stuttering Association, Dr Mark Irwin, for the reimbursement to all African delegates at the conference.

Stefan Hoffman[Vice Chair of ISA]China for donating free pens to delegates at the conference in Doula.

Michael Sugarman Father of ISAD for donating free posters on stuttering during the conference in Douala.

The British Stammering Association, for sending helpful materials to us.

Medical device - assistive communication speech aid-used donation from: Larry Hyde & David Thomas Kehoe Casafutura Techologies 720 31st Street Boulder, CO 80303-2402, USA

We would like to inform all visitors that this is the first originally recognized arrangement for stuttering in Nigeria and we are duly registered with the corporate affairs commission Abuja which is the accrediting body for legalizing all associations in Nigeria.
There are lots of unregistered and pretentious stuttering in Nigeria, some of whom impersonate the stuttering association of Nigeria and are into credit card irregularities and other illegal activities. They use forgery of official specimen stationery, letterheads, stamps, seals and specimen signatures of the top officials and accountants in any establishment or organization to obtain account numbers, e.t.c.

22nd October, ISAD
The 22nd October is the 
International stuttering awareness 
day and every year on that date 
the SAN and stammering/
stuttering organizations around 
the world join together for a 
common event which is 
reproduced throughout 
the world. 
Using the Equipment sent from Larry Hyde & David Thomas to correct stuttering on one of the members. Medical device - assistive communication speech aid-used donation from: Larry Hyde & David Thomas Casafutura Techologies 720 31st Street Boulder, CO 80303-2402, USA

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Do you know that...
The President of ISA (Australia), Dr. Mark Irwin, the president of SCAC-Mr. Joseph Lukong (Cameroun), the Director of SAN (Nigeria) Mr. Adeyemi Akintunde. And Dr. Sami Awad Yasin (Sudan) at the just concluded first Africa Stuttering Conference held in Cameroun.
The population of Nigeria is estimated to about 150 million, and therefore, with our little research our conclusion will be Nigeria alone has more stutterers than the entire West Africa put together.
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