We are delighted to announce that the British Stammering Association STAMMA will be hosting the 2022 International Stuttering Association (ISA) World Congress in Liverpool. The conference will be held on 24th-28th of August 2022 at the University of Liverpool. This will be combined with their own biennial conference, StammaFest. People will be able to buy tickets to all or parts of the event.

Anja Herde, Chair of the Board of Directors at the ISA, said, “We are delighted to have STAMMA as our host for the next ISA World Congress in 2022. They handed in a really well thought out and comprehensive proposal. We are sure STAMMA will do a fabulous job and we are very much looking forward to this fantastic event! Let’s celebrate and deepen our international collaboration to improve the world for people who stutter!”

Jane Powell, CEO, welcomed the announcement: “It feels like we are on the edge of change in the stammering world. With a President of the USA who stammers and with stammering pride bubbling here, now is a brilliant time to host this event and collaborate to ensure we get a strong message out, globally, that stammering is just how some people talk.”

Tickets will be released first to STAMMA/ISA members before going on public sale. We’ll let members know as soon as arrangements are set up.

The organising committee currently comprises Tim Fell as Chair, plus Kirsten Howells, Jenny Packer, Hanan Hurwitz and the STAMMA Fest team of Mandy Taylor, Dean Ridge, Paul Roberts, Lynne Mackie and Natalie Mortimer.