Sigríður Fossberg Thorlacius (Iceland)

Sigríður was elected to the ISA Board in 2019.

With three stuttering mentors in her immediate family; in many ways, stuttering was seen as the norm growing up. Outside the home, however, she found that stuttering was often misrepresented and misunderstood. In 2011, she decided to seek out other people who stutter and joined the National Stuttering Association of Iceland, Málbjörg. Sigríður has served on the board since, starting her third year as chair in 2019. She was happy to join the ISA board of directors that same year, extending her stuttering family across the globe. Over the next three years, she intends to bring a focus to young people who stutter.

In 2018 she joined a group of dedicated people in an ambitious European project that is currently underway. The project involves creating manuals related to stuttering for teachers, trainers and others who work with young people on a regular basis.

Sigríður has a background in education and pedagogy studies. She finished a graduate diploma in web, media and communication in 2019. She is currently studying adult education and has a strong interest in finding ways to advocate for and communicate womens’ and minority voices. Her interests include languages, culture, communication, human rights and politics.

Sigríður essentially believes in a world where stuttering is seen as a natural part of the diversity of spoken language.

P.S.: For those of you wondering how to pronounce Sigríður‘s name, here‘s the phonetic version: /ˈsɪɣ.ri(ː)ðʏr/

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