Rutger Wilhelm (The Netherlands)

Rutger was elected to the ISA Board in 2019.

I began stuttering at the age of 8. Since then I attended several stuttering therapies. Also, I organized and chaired numerous self help groups and co-ordinated an extensive research project for the Dutch stuttering association.

Only recently I did an important discovery: I was diagnosed as a person who clutters. It inspired me to spread the word about cluttering and stuttering even more. So, I wrote a book about this subject and both attended and lectured at various international conferences organized by ICA, IFA and ISA. Also, I am in the board of the Dutch stuttering association and have been acting as Chair of the consumer committee within the International Cluttering Association (ICA) since 2014.

My aim is to continue sharing knowledge and experiences about stuttering and cluttering with others. I have a Masters degree in Business Administration and have been working in this field throughout my career. I live in the Netherlands and am married.

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