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News and Events
Photo by: Michael Braun

Open Letter – Negative feedback on Harry Potter movie

We are presenting here an OPEN LETTER obtained from Annie Bradberry – ISA secretary and refined by Mark Irwin – ISA chair on Harry Potter movie. ISA member associations are kindly requested to alter it as required and send it on their letterhead to as many newspapers in their country as possible. (through their regional …

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Translation service

For your interest, there is a free translation service on the Internet. To use it click: Translation service The translation is not perfect. But undoubtedly it is better then nothing. There is a possibility to translate between English and French, English and Spanish, English and German, English and Japanese and more.

Three new ISA member associations

We are pleased to inform you that three new ISA member associations have been accepted for membership in ISA: SCAC,  Speak Clear Association of  Cameroon. TMM-L,  a Spanish-language online self-help group for people who stutter. Passing Twice, a network of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender stutterers and their friends. The contact information of the new …

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Article about ISA

Among the articles published on the ISAD online conference on October 1 to 22, 2001 was an article about ISA, its history, web site and more. To read it click Article about ISA . The annual online conference is organized by Judy Kuster on the Stuttering Home Page

Special Friends group

I have the great pleasure to inform you that the ISA Board of Directors agreed to add new members to the Special Friends Group, which helps keeping contacts in countries where there is no ISA member Association for Stuttering People. Present members were: Jiri MAZOCH (Czech R.) Tomas SIMKO (Slovakia) Moonja SHIN (South Korea) Benabdellah …

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Meeting the needs of people who stutter is the mission of the ISA as we work towards a vision of a world that understands stuttering. The ISA is the umbrella organization for national and international self help groups for people who stutter. It seeks to strengthen the self help movement and to represent all people …