Mel Hoffman (USA)

Mel is currently serving on the ISA Advisory Board and can be contacted on

Mel Hoffman: Retired. Certified Public Accountant. Formerly director of taxes at Ampex Corporation. Presently Treasurer of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Sunnyvale, California. Member of the board of directors of the National Stuttering Association from 1983-1994, serving some of these years as either secretary or treasurer. He attends and occasionally facilitates meetings of the San Jose chapter of the NSA. In 1996 he was part of the first group of four that was elected to the NSA’s National Stuttering Hall of Fame. He has been involved with the International Stuttering Association since 1995, serving on the management committee and the board of directors. He was ISA Treasurer for six years and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the ISA. He is also a member of The Speak Easy International Foundation, Inc. (Paramus, NJ), and of Friends – The Association of Young People Who Stutter. His therapy background dates back to a nine month program under Dr. Charles Van Riper in 1957-58.

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