Joseph served in the ISA Board in 2007 and 2011 and was Secretary of the Association.  Joseph can be contacted on

Joseph has stuttered since I started talking at the age of two. 17 of my 21 brothers and sisters, and half brothers and half sisters stutter. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Law (Licence en Droit) and work in CAJUREC, a Debt Recovery and Legal counselling Enterprise in Douala Cameroon. I do voluntary work as Coordinator General and Chief Executive Officer of the Speak Clear Association of Cameroon, SCAC which is a national self help movement for people who stutter in Cameroon which I co founded with other stutterers in Cameroon. We work principally to spread stuttering awareness in Cameroon and also do outreach work for the ISA to the other countries in Africa and other developing countries of the world. I am involved in an important genetic research project with the National Institutes of Health, the NIH of Washington DC. That project is aimed at studying the role the gene plays in transmitting stuttering.  Since February 2002 I have been admitted as a full member of the International Fluency Association, the IFA.