Harry was elected to the ISA Board of Directors in 2013 and can be reached at hsdhillon100@hotmail.com.

Harry Dhillon was born in Kenya, lived in India for a decade before moving to England. He has had a stammer since he was 13, and has enjoyed varying degrees of success with a variety of fluency techniques. However, the one thing which totally changed his speech and his sense of self-belief was Toastmasters, a non-profit-making worldwide organisation, aimed at promoting better communication and leadership skills. He excelled at his local club, and was asked to become the President, something that led to a major shift in the way he saw his stammer. He has since competed in official speech contests and gone onto to create, and be the President of, a Toastmasters club in London called Kings Speakers, which is aimed primarily at helping those who have a stammer. This club is helping other stammers to find their voice and to un-leash the potential which was lying dormant within them.

Harry has been interviewed by the BBC, and has appeared in newspaper articles and radio broadcasts. He runs workshops and training courses to help people become better presenters and speakers.