Guangxu was elected to the ISA Board September 2022.  

Guangxu Wang, 29 years old, currently working as an associate in the Beijing office of Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a NGO based in Boulder, Colorado, working to accelerate the clean energy transition and improve lives.  Prior to joining RMI, he studied and worked in Germany for about 7 years.  He graduated with a masters degree of mechanical engineering from the technical university of Dresden and then worked 2 years as research associate at the Technical University of Berlin with the main research focus on building energy efficiency and agricultural engineering.

He has stuttered since childhood. When he was in Germany, he participated frequently in local stuttering group activities in Berlin and experienced two courses of speech and language therapy (with certified language therapist: Sophie Adamski and Dr. Karin Iqbal Bhatti).

After returning to China to work, he has been seeking ways to help the Chinese stuttering community. He participated in different stuttering online chatting groups, shared his own experience of dealing with his stuttering and experience in Germany. He became a member of the “Stammer talk”, a voluntary group founded by Bin Jia and Rong Gong with Chinese speaking stutterers around the world aiming to provide scientific and reliable information for the Chinese stuttering community. He helped to host the bi-weekly online stutterer’s meetup and edited video interviews with successful stuttering people and therapists.  He loves listening to music (especially electronic music) and playing badminton.

He wants to leverage the resources and experience of ISA to help the Chinese stuttering community in being heard, being understood, and being themselves.