Meeting the needs of people who stutter is the mission of the ISA as we work towards a vision of a world that understands stuttering.

The ISA is the umbrella organization for national and international self help groups for people who stutter. It seeks to strengthen the self help movement and to represent all people who stutter.

The ISA message is that stuttering is not shameful and need not be hidden. Many therapies are available which address the issues of negative emotional responses and/or poor speech behaviour.

General Plans of the ISA are to:

  • Outreach to people throughout the world
  • Maintain a web site
  • Publish a biannual newsletter (One Voice)
  • Develop positive relationships with Speech Pathology profession.
  • Achieve recognition from World Health Organization
  • Raise funds for scholarships for attendance at World Congresses for people who stutter.
  • Support International Stuttering Awareness Day

Specific Plans of the ISA are to:

  • Hold an International Year of the Child who stutters in 2004
  • Develop a CD Rom with information for children who stutter , their parents, teachers and fluent classmates.
  • Influence governments and educational institutions to ensure the CD Rom is distributed as effectively as possible.
  • Support the 2004 World Congress of People Who Stutter ( to be held in Perth Australia.)

I am delighted to be working with a talented, committed and experienced board. I believe we will work well with national associations on projects which will make a real difference to lives of people who stutter.

Mark Irwin – ISA chair