Bert was elected to the ISA Board in 2013 and served as Secretary.  Bert stood down from the board in 2016. Bert can be contacted by email on

I got the stammer from both parental sides, and could more or less cope with it. After studying pharmacy (because I couldn’t become a doctor, I thought), I got a PhD in Immunology, have worked several years abroad at the university of Alabama in Birmingham, at Harvard in Boston and at the University of Cambridge, UK. A couple of years ago, I retired as head of the clinical laboratory of Immunology at the University Medical Center Utrecht, and I considered that, with my experience in science, quality control, organization etc., I might be of some help in a field, which I’m familiar with. So I started stuttering ‘officially’ as chair of the joint scientific committee of the Dutch stuttering associations (clients: Demosthenes; professionals: NVST), became chair of their joint organization as to public information (NFS), chair of the program committee of the past ISA 2013 meeting, and now I have joined the ISA board, with a special interest for research & development, together with the IFA – as I’m working on nationally.

Bert Bast