Bert Bast (Netherlands)

Bert was elected to the ISA Board in 2013 and served as Secretary.  Bert stood down from the board in 2016. Bert can be contacted by email on

I got the stammer from both parental sides, and could more or less cope with it. After studying pharmacy (because I couldn’t become a doctor, I thought), I got a PhD in Immunology, have worked several years abroad at the university of Alabama in Birmingham, at Harvard in Boston and at the University of Cambridge, UK. A couple of years ago, I retired as head of the clinical laboratory of Immunology at the University Medical Center Utrecht, and I considered that, with my experience in science, quality control, organization etc., I might be of some help in a field, which I’m familiar with. So I started stuttering ‘officially’ as chair of the joint scientific committee of the Dutch stuttering associations (clients: Demosthenes; professionals: NVST), became chair of their joint organization as to public information (NFS), chair of the program committee of the past ISA 2013 meeting, and now I have joined the ISA board, with a special interest for research & development, together with the IFA – as I’m working on nationally.

Bert Bast