Journal Writing for Children Who Stutter

A personal journey to improve the communication skills
of the school age child.

Jackie Biagini
Judy Butler

About the authors:

Jackie Biagini is a parent of a child who stutters. She is also a Speech/Language Pathologist at the middle and high school levels in the Duxbury, MA public schools. Jackie is a graduate of Rutgers University with twenty years experience in public and private schools in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and overseas. She lives in Marshfield, MA with her husband Steve and their two children Andrea and Nicholas.

Judy Butler is a Speech/Language Pathologist in Private Practice. Shegraduated from the Workshop for Stuttering Specialists sponsored by the Stuttering Foundation of America at Northwestern University (1992), University of Connecticut (M.A., 1981) and Brown University (A.B„ 1975). Judy treated a variety of communication disorders in children at the Easter Seal Society of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA for 10 years. In 1991 she began private work and in 1996 began treating children who stutter exclusively. She lives in Franklin, MA with her husband Ken and their son Haven.

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We would like to thank all the children who stutter whom we had the good fortune to meet. They taught us many lessons. We thank our husbands for supporting this project. We especially thank Andrea Biagini. Pat Doherty, Michael McGrath, and Joshua Williams and their Moms for responding to earlier versions of this journal. Their responses guided our design of the finished book. We also appreciate proof reading by Ken Butler, Nancy Cohen, Kristen Emerson, and Mimi McGrath.

Thank you, Andrea Biagini, for the creative cover art work.

This Journal is ©Copyrighted by Jackie Biagini & Judy Butler, 1999. You may however, copy pages for your students or clients as often as needed.