10th World Congress for People who Stutter (10-13th June 2013)

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The year 2013 is the year in which the 10th World congress for People who Stutter takes place! Just two years after the congress in beautiful Buenos Aires it is time to move to Europe again. The congress takes place in the Netherlands, in a small town at the geographical centre of the country.

Since the congress of 2007 in Croatia, a small group of active members of the Dutch Stuttering Association Demosthenes has been planning on this event to take place in their country. At the annual general meeting prior to the congress in Argentina, the ISA members voted for the Netherlands and since then a lot of work has been done. The location for the congress has been confirmed, fund-raising has started, committees set up and the website gained on content.

The congress will take place in conference centre ‘De Werelt’ located in the small town
Lunteren, surrounded by a forest, on the edge of the largest national park of the Netherlands, the Veluwe. The centre has a double function: in summertime it  is a holiday resort for less fortunate families, funded by church and profits from congresses and events which are being held during the rest of the year. From Amsterdam airport Schiphol it only takes little more than an hour to reach the conference centre by car or train. Other airports like Eindhoven and Düsseldorf Weeze are options to fly on. Information about the location and access is available on the website www.stuttering2013.com.

For a few weeks the list of six already known keynote speakers is online and spread through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. On this list are: Anita Blom (Sweden), David Shapiro (USA), Shinji Ito (Japan), David Mitchell (Ireland), Marie-Christine Franken (Netherlands) and Michael O’Shea (Ireland).

Objectives of the congress:

  • to connect people from all over the world who share the same speech impediment
  • to share knowledge, scientific and other, about stuttering with each other
  • to share this knowledge with the world, to help others who don’t have any resources

Themes / sessions:

New developments & research, personal stories, communication, treatment & therapy, education & work, taboo-breakers, parents, children and school.

This congress is for:

  • people who stutter themselves
  • their families and friends
  • therapists and students in speech pathology

People who wish to give a presentation or want to organise a workshop can send in an abstract. Information about the format and procedure can be found on the website.

Also, the organisation would like to know how candidate participants would like the congress to be. On the website there is a form named ‘Questionnaire’. Please check it out
if you are interested in visiting the congress, please.


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