Original Draft 5 was presented to the ISA Boards for discussion. The general consensus was that Draft 5 needed some work, because of

  1. length;
  2. difficulty with the English Language;
  3. some repetition;
  4. no clear focus on what anyone should do with the recommendations.

The original unedited Draft 5 can be read here.

Draft 5 was presented to the ISA Boards in February 2010. After discussion and work, the ISA Board agreed by a majority vote to circulate a draft 6.

Below is the original version of draft 5, before the Board prepared draft 6.

Draft 5.

Suggested cover letter. Read here: Draft Letter of ISA Chair

Suggested 10 recommendations. Read here: Draft ISA 10 Recommendations 08.02. 2010

Suggested Further Information Package. Read here: Draft Further Information Package

Suggested questionnaire. Read here: Draft Questionnaire