Anita Blom (Sweden)

Anita is currently serving on the ISA Advisory Board and can be contacted on or through her website at

Anita Scharis Blom, born and raised in the Netherlands, is living in Sweden. She works as an operation manager for the Workers’ Educational Association. She is chairperson of the local stuttering chapter, international contact and former chairperson of the Swedish stuttering association, vice chair of the European League of Stuttering Associations, and member of the advisory board for the International Stuttering Association. She is a national and international speaker on stuttering and has her own stuttering consultant company, and is a leader of national and international children and youth camps. She has stuttered since she was 9 and had a troublesome youth, now inspiring people who stutter of all ages, they can make a difference.” Her device is “S-s-sure I s-s-stutter. What are you good at?”

Arne Hope (Norway)

Arne is currently on the ISA Advisory Board and can be contacted on

Arne is from Stavanger, Norway, educated in organisation theory and public administration He is married and has three children and two grandchildren. Formerly, he worked as the head of the administration in a small Norwegian municipality. Currently he is a senior advisory officer for the Rogaland County Council, working a mong other things on health-related issues, coordinating the regional work for the public health, and writing papers for the council. He is a member of the Norwegian Stuttering Association (NIFS) since1998, and has been the chair since 2004.

David Shapiro (USA)

David is currently on the ISA Advisory Board and can be contacted by email on

David A. Shapiro, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is a Fellow of ASHA, a Board Recognized Fluency Specialist, and Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina, USA. In his fourth decade of providing clinical services for people who stutter and their families, Dr. Shapiro is a regular presenter at state, national, and international conferences and has conducted workshops throughout the United States and abroad. His book, Stuttering Intervention: A Collaborative Journey to Fluency Freedom (PRO-ED), is finding a wide international audience. Dr. Shapiro is the 2006 recipient of the International Fluency Association’s Award of Distinction for Outstanding Clinician. He is a person who stutters, has two teenage children with his wife, Kay, and lives in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

Dritan Kiçi (Albania)

Dritan is currently serving on the ISA Advisory Board and can be contacted on

Dritan is a journalist however for the last two years he has worked full time on stuttering related matters. He is a Speech and Language Councillor. He recently established the Easy Word Project, which is the first initiative of this kind in Albania aimed at providing a support group for people who stutter. “There are so many children and adults needing help in Albania and it my duty as a recovered stutterer myself to give to them what I have learned”.

Edwin Farr (England)

Edwin is currently serving on the ISA Advisory Board and can be contacted on

Edwin J Farr MBE is a Chartered Environmental Civil Engineer, born in Manchester, UK, and graduated from Birmingham University. Running parallel with his professional career, his work in stuttering self help and advocacy started in the early 1980’s. He has been a member the British Stammering Association for 30 years and Board member for 15 years. He co-founded the European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA) in 1990 after three years of preparation working with the national stuttering associations of Europe. Since 1990 Edwin has helped organise, with funding from various European bodies, 17 stuttering awareness meetings, conferences and youth meetings and participated in many more. In 2002 Edwin was awarded “Member of the British Empire” (MBE) in the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours, for his services to the Stuttering Community.

Hanan Hurwitz (Israel)

Hanan became a member of the ISA Board in 2014 and resigned in 2016. Hanan now serves on the ISA Advisory Board from 2016.

Hanan Hurwitz is an Electronics Engineer working as Director of Quality at a global company that designs and manufactures electronic servo controls. Hanan has extensive experience in diverse disciplines, having worked during his career in Electronics and Software Development, Project Management, Account Management, Technical Support, Business Development, Marketing and Quality Management. He is passionate about keeping the Customer Experience at the forefront of the product life-cycle.

Hanan is also a person Who Stutters, and has stuttered since childhood. He started his journey of understanding stuttering in 2010, when he attended the National Stuttering Association annual conference. At that conference, he learned key concepts about stuttering and has invested intensely in furthering his understanding and use of those concepts. Knowledge about stuttering and meeting so many wonderful People Who Stutter, have enabled him to come back from deep despair, and to grow and thrive. After being helped by the stuttering community, Hanan is working to give back to the community and to support other People Who Stutter.

He enjoys blues, electric guitar, teaching and giving presentations, helping others understand stuttering, and advertising his stutter when he has the courage.

Hermann Christmann (Denmark)

Hermann is currently on the ISA Advisory Board and has previously served as the ISA Treasurer on the ISA Board for a number of years.  He can be contacted by email on

Hermann Christmann has implemented projects on the prevention of stuttering, stuttering and the labor market, and treatment of stuttering in children, as well as smaller projects, such as interviews of adults who stutter about their life experience, and translation of books on stuttering and treatment of stuttering from Swedish into Danish. (Co-)author of books and several articles on stuttering. Has given university lectures on stuttering, and congress papers and speeches on stuttering. Chair of the Association for Stutterers in Denmark. Is co-founder and past chair of the Stuttering Information Center of Denmark and advisory member of the ISA.

John Steggles (Australia)

John is currently serving on the ISA Advisory Board and has previously been in the ISA Board of Directors in 2007 in the role of Vice Chair.

John can be contacted on

John is an accountant and has been involved in the stuttering self-help movement for over 35 years. He helped form the Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) in 1981 and is a past President of that association as well as a former Director of the Australian Stuttering Foundation with Profs. Ashley Craig and Mark Onslow. John was instrumental in forming the ASEA speech technique booster programs and is highly experienced in the use of the prolonged speech method as well as the McGuire Program. John gave a presentation on the prolonged speech method at the 1st World Congress for People Who Stutter in Kyoto, Japan in 1986. He also attended the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th and 11th World Congresses and is well known in the international self-help movement. John now edits a blog on stuttering under his writing name of Stuttering Jack ( and helps keep people who stutter informed about stuttering related issues through his Facebook profile at John conducts voluntary stuttering treatment intensives and is currently assisting the Vietnamese Stuttering Association with treatment and administrative matters in establishing their association.

Judith Eckardt (USA)

Judith is currently on the ISA Advisory Board and can be contacted by email on

Judith Eckardt, CCC/SLP, is a Board Recognized Fluency Specialist She received her training at the University of Wisconsin, worked in the IL public schools for many years, and maintains a private practice in Tucson, AZ. Since 1999, she has been a clinical supervisor at Eastern Washington University for the Successful Stuttering Management Program (SSMP). Judith is a stutterer and she founded NSA Metro North in 1996 in IL. In June 2000, she was Chair of the Annual Convention of the National Stuttering Association in Chicago. She has recently retired as the Secretary of the ISA. She has presented both nationally and internationally. To improve her own communication skills, she is a member of Toastmasters International in Tucson and is working on her ATM (advanced certification).

Judith Kuster (USA)

Judith is currently on the Advisory Board of the ISA and can be contacted on  Judith is also an honorary lifetime member of the ISA.

Judith is a professor in the department of Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Services at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She is an ASHA fellow and holds Specialty Certification in stuttering. Judith created and maintains the Stuttering Home Page, a guide and resources for professionals, adults and children about the treatment of stuttering, cluttering, and other communication disorders. She has been invited to give presentations about resources for the treatment of communications disorders North America, Europe and China. Along with Michael Sugarman, Judy chairs the annual online stuttering conference, ISAD Conference. ISAD is held on a yearly basis, for the three weeks before International Stuttering Awareness Day, every year. International Stuttering Awareness Day is October 22. She has been the organiser of this conference since 1998. This conference is the most widely available regular research on stuttering. She has published many articles focused on speech-language pathology for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Keith Boss (England)

Keith was elected to the ISA Board 2013 and was Chair of the Association until 2016.  He was also elected to the ISA Board in 2011 as Vice Chair and again in 2007 as Outreach Coordinator.  Keith currently serves on the ISA Advisory Board from 2016.

Keith can be contacted by email at

Keith is a retired computer professional. He has stuttered since he was 3 years old. Although his wife died in 2001, he regularly visits his married daughter in Illinios USA, and his married son and two grandsons in England. Throughout his working life he was involved in helping others to accept change. In February 2006, he stepped out of his comfort zones and his own village to seek better communication.  Since then, as a Trustee on the British Stammering Association (BSA) Board, and as a Director on the International Stuttering Association (ISA) Board as well as the Chair of the ISA Outreach program he has looked for ways to raise stuttering awareness and to help People Who Stutter. Now as the Chair of the ISA Board Keith will look for innovative ways in the three T’s (Training, Therapy and Technology) to help Children and Adults Who Stutter in all the countries of the World where there is little or no help. Keith will work with the President of the IFA to find a way ahead where the links between PWS and SLPs / SLTs is closer and more productive. He will constantly ask HOW, a very powerful word.

Ken St Louis (USA)

Ken is currently on the Advisory Board of the ISA and can be reached by email on

Ken St. Louis is a Professor of speech-language pathology at West Virginia University, in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. He grew up with a stutter, but has mostly recovered. He teaches courses in fluency disorders, supervises individual speech therapy with people who stutter or clutter in the university speech clinic, leads a chapter of the National Stuttering Association, and supervises a weekly stuttering therapy group for adults. St. Louis is a member of ASHA, SID-4, ISA, IFA, NSA, and other professional organizations related to fluency disorders, including a new self-help organization for people who stutter in Turkey. St. Louis has coordinated an initiative to develop an instrument to measure public attitudes toward stuttering internationally. This research has resulted in collaborations with colleagues in numerous countries. Other areas of interest and research are cluttering and stories of stutterers. He has published and presented widely on numerous aspects of fluency disorders for more than 30 years. He authored “Living With Stuttering: Stories, Basics, Resources, and Hope” and co-authored a DVD from The Stuttering Foundation entitled, “Cluttering.”

Mark Irwin (Australia)

Mark is currently serving on the Advisory Board of the ISA and has previously service on the Board as Chair.  Mark can be contacted by email on

Mark Irwin is a dentist in private practice in Adelaide, Australia. He is a past president of the Australian Speak Easy Association (1995 -1997) and has been a board member of the ISA since 1998. He is the immediate past Chair of the ISA after holding the position for 6 years. He was instrumental putting together the ISA Stuttering Information CD and assisting in the organisation of the 1st African Stuttering Conference in 2005 and has a special interest in the “definition of stuttering”.

Marlene Green (Canada)

Marlene is currently on the ISA Advisory Board and can be reached by email on

Marlene Green currently works as a Speech-Language Pathologist for the York Region Preschool Speech and Language Program, Ontario, Canada as well as in private practice. She attended the Workshop for Specialists in Stuttering Therapy in 1992, and has continued to pursue her passion in this field. She has always had an active interest in self-help for people who stutter, and was involved in organizing the 4th World Congress for People Who Stutter in South Africa in 1998, when she still lived in South Africa. She sat on the board of directors of the International Stuttering Association from 1998-2001 and is currently on the advisory board. She is also a board member of the Speech Foundation of Ontario.

Mel Hoffman (USA)

Mel is currently serving on the ISA Advisory Board and can be contacted on

Mel Hoffman: Retired. Certified Public Accountant. Formerly director of taxes at Ampex Corporation. Presently Treasurer of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Sunnyvale, California. Member of the board of directors of the National Stuttering Association from 1983-1994, serving some of these years as either secretary or treasurer. He attends and occasionally facilitates meetings of the San Jose chapter of the NSA. In 1996 he was part of the first group of four that was elected to the NSA’s National Stuttering Hall of Fame. He has been involved with the International Stuttering Association since 1995, serving on the management committee and the board of directors. He was ISA Treasurer for six years and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the ISA. He is also a member of The Speak Easy International Foundation, Inc. (Paramus, NJ), and of Friends – The Association of Young People Who Stutter. His therapy background dates back to a nine month program under Dr. Charles Van Riper in 1957-58.

Michael Sugarman (USA)

Michael Sugarman currently serves on the ISA Advisory board, and has served on the ISA Board between 2007 and 2011, when he was Chair.  He can be contacted on

Michael Sugarman was co-founder of the National Stuttering Project (NSP) in 1977. He became the Executive Director of NSP 1978 -1981 and again in 1995 -1997. Published numerous articles on self help in academic journals and other publications. Recently, named to the Stutterers Hall of Fame. Currently, Chair of International Fluency Association’s Support Group and Consumer Affairs Committee.


Shinji Ito (Japan)

Shinji currently serves on the ISA Advisory Board and can be contacted on

Shinji is from Osaka, Japan where he is the Executive Director, of the Japan Stuttering Project. He established the first self-help group of persons who stutter in Japan in 1965. In addition to his duties as Executive Director of the Japan Stuttering Project he does private practice and teaches speech therapy at several universities and vocational schools. In 1986 he served as the Chairperson of the first International Conference on Stuttering in Kyoto. Later he was involved with the founding of the ISA as a member of the Board of Directors. He has also been organizing summer camps for children who stutter and their parents for 17 years. He has published more than 10 books on stuttering.

Stefan Hoffmann (Germany)

Stefan currently serves on the ISA Advisory Board and has previously served on the Board of Directors.  Stefan can be contacted on

Stefan is from Cologne, Germany. Currently he is living in Beijing, China, where he works for a German car manufacturer. He joined the Stuttering Self-Help Movement in 1991 in Cologne and found with it the help, which speech therapy in the years before could not give him. As he was always interested in foreign countries and languages, he became involved with  the ISA in 1998, when he attended the World Congress for People Who Stutter in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since then he has worked on the ISA Board, mainly dealing with “Outreach” to countries where the public is still not aware of the stuttering problem and of the ISA. Targeted regions are especially East Asia and Latin America