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The program for the 13th ISA World Congress (June 23th to June 27th 2019) in Iceland has been published. The program consists of interesting lectures of researches, inspiring presentations of people who stutter, fun interactive workshops and social events. We also have 3 amazing women as keynote speakers: Anita Blom who is a person who stutters, Johanna Einarsdottir as a speech language pathologist and Nina G. as a stuttering stand-up comedian. More information about the program:
We also offer an option to partners/friends who are traveling with you to Iceland but are not interested in to attending to the Conference to participate to some of our social events. More information about prices here:
We have published information about the conference transportation buses between Reykjavik and the conference hotel in Hveragerdi due the limited public transportation options from/ to Hveragerdi. Remember to book your seat in advance. More info here:
More updates about the World Congress will be found here:…
and also on our official World Congress Facebook event page:

Program – Embrace Your Stutter – Iceland 2019

Are you interested in running for the ISA Board of Directors or has your country been thinking about hosting the next World Congress?

Now is your chance!

BOARD ELECTIONS: International Stuttering Association (ISA) Board Elections will take place at the membership meeting during the World Congress in Iceland on 23 June at Hotel Ork, HveragerĂ°i.

Members need not be present to submit your interest to be elected to the ISA board.

Full guidelines to apply can be found at this link

WORLD CONGRESS BIDS FOR 2022: Every three years the ISA selects a member association to hold a World Congress to bring people together to meet and share information about stuttering. Hosting a World Congress is a major
undertaking yet the rewards and memories will last a lifetime. Congress bids on this link

Both documents can be found are on the following page:

There will be no preference made to those presenting in person or through video.

Photos from International Stuttering Association's post

A year ago I had the opportunity, along with National Stuttering Association (NSA) Chairman of the Board Dr. Gerald Maguire and NSA Member David Resnick to represent stuttering and the NSA on a cable TV show called Lifestyle Magazine. With a reach of 3 million throughout the US and Internationally, we hope we reach anyone yet to find support.

Here is the link for the show that is airing this week, finally
and some photos from the the day from the dressing room to a photo shoot. Thank you to fellow PWS Mike Beesley who works on the show, who found us, and is also a PWS...and is now involved...and to long-time NSA Member Heather Najman for cheering us on and taking these photo memories...

One Voice 41 is now out! Catch up on news from the outgoing board, news from the Joint Congress in Hiroshima last year, some great stories and updates from around the globe, as well as updates for the upcoming World Congress for People Who Stutter! Enjoy!

eNewsflash June 2017

One Voice 39 We’re pleased to announce One Voice 39 has been released!  Click here to review stories from across the globe, what’s going on in the community of people who stutter and what progress the ISA is making! Help … Continue reading